Women Tech Council and Peak Ventures Launch Tech Entrepreneur Apprenticeship Program for High School Students

Salt Lake City– Women Tech Council (WTC) in partnership with Peak Ventures today launched the Tech Entrepreneurship Apprenticeship program. This four-week program for high school juniors and seniors teaches technology and entrepreneurship skills from industry entrepreneurs and leaders and provides hands-on experiences in careers that align with student interests, ultimately beginning students on a path to enter and lead the technology workforce and pursue their passions.

“Giving high school students direct access to some of the technology entrepreneurs who are building and shaping Silicon Slopes to collaborate and learn, is a powerful tool to teach students vital skills and empower them to pursue their interests,” said Cydni Tetro, president of WTC. “Allowing boys and girls this opportunity while still in high school will significantly impact their career trajectories and make a meaningful impact on the breadth and depth of talent in the technology ecosystem.”

Beginning today, the first program cohort of 30 students representing 20 different high schools across Silicon Slopes will experience twice-weekly hands-on workshops taught by industry professionals. In these sessions, students will learn about building and starting companies, working with teams, fostering effective collaboration, building products, designing marketing strategies, testing pricing structures, testing software applications, developing leadership skills and other various aspects of the technology industry. This holistic exposure of hands-on experiences paired with expert instruction helps students gain entrepreneurship skills, and teaches them about potential jobs and career pathways.

“With Silicon Slopes becoming one of the top places for entrepreneurship and startups, it’s exciting to see high school students that are ready to engage in this kind of program,” said Sid Krommenhoek, managing partner of Peak Ventures. “Through this program, Peak Ventures is helping connect leading entrepreneurs with students and open up doors to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.”

This year’s program will be taught by Silicon Slopes entrepreneurs, including:

  • Paul Allen, Soar
  • Sara Jones, Burbly
  • Davis Smith, Cotopaxi
  • Andrew Smith, Four Foods Group
  • Derek Miner, Tech Trep Academy
  • Gary Rhoads, Xvoyant
  • Kevin Auernig, Sodalicious
  • Susan Petersen, Freshly Picked
  • Kendall Hulet, Cake
  • Eric Rea, Podium
  • Jeff Burningham, Peak Ventures
  • Cydni Tetro, ForgeDX

The 2018 program will run Mondays and Wednesday from June 6-27. For more information, visit

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About Women Tech Council:
The Women Tech Council (WTC) is a national organization focused on the economic impact of women in driving high growth for the technology sector through developing programs that propel the economic pipeline from K-12 to the C-suite. WTC offers mentoring, visibility, opportunities and networking to more than 10,000 women and men working in technology to create business environments focused on high performance, not diversity, where men and women can succeed. This propels individual careers and the talent pipeline by ensuring a strong, diverse and entrepreneurial technology workforce.

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