Wayne Sleight: 20 in Their 20s

Wayne Sleight is the perfect example of starting at the bottom and working his way to the top—all the way to the 97th Floor.

When Sleight was hired at 97th Floor, it was in an assistant role. But within just a few months, Sleight was bringing winning ideas to 97th Floor’s CEO, Chris Bennett, that have helped the company grow to 50 employees with offices in Utah and California. In addition, the company’s revenue has more than tripled since Sleight started, and in 2014, he helped 97th Floor win over 27 awards, one of which was Agency of the Year.

“Wayne started as my assistant and now is an executive and more importantly a partner at 97th Floor,” says Bennett, Sleight’s nominator. “He structured our hiring strategies, [and] he paved the way for other employees to assist him in streamlining our workflow and internal communication. … Wayne [also] stepped [in and] created our budgets and got us on track to be able to have the office we have and offer competitive salaries.”

Sleight says he’s proud of helping establish a company that has a reputation for delivering high-quality results that is beloved by nearly all employees, both past and present.

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