Vivint Smart Home Makes a Splash at CES Vivint Smart Home Makes a Splash at CES
Vivint Smart Home Makes a Splash at CES

Las Vegas – At CES on Wednesday, Vivint Smart Home introduced a smart home assistant, which relies on AI to automatically manage a user’s entire home, and announced integrations with Vivint Solar and Airbnb.

The smart home assistant, called Sky, leverages artificial intelligence to automatically manage the connected devices in homes, including locks, lights, thermostat and security system.

“Consumers want more than an intelligent device, they want an intelligent home,” said Matt Eyring, chief strategy and innovation officer at Vivint Smart Home. “The real magic comes when multiple devices work together throughout the home in an intelligent way, creating a single, cohesive experience.”

Away - Sky notification of energy conservationSky takes full advantage of the greater number of sensors and devices that are part of every Vivint smart home system, an average of 14 per home. Sky’s machine learning algorithms use data from these sensors, as well as from mobile devices and system usage, to provide intelligent recommendations and take action to streamline the home experience.

For example, Sky uses the data from sensors and devices to understand whether a home is occupied or vacant. If no one is home, Sky reaches out and asks if the home owner wants to lock the doors, close the garage or arm the alarm system. Sky can also automatically do these things and let you know they’re done. Sky can also adapt to a user’s typical routine in order to effectively manage temperature and security settings.

At CES Vivint Smart Home also announced a partnership with Airbnb to provide the most comprehensive smart home solution for Airbnb hosts and guests in the United States and Canada. As the preferred smart home provider for Airbnb, Vivint allows Airbnb hosts to manage their homes remotely with automatic keyless access, energy management and home security. Hosts simply link their Airbnb account with their Vivint app to remotely manage their listings.

A Vivint smart home streamlines both the host and guest experience in a number of ways, including automatic keyless access. Hosts can also welcome and verify guests personally, from anywhere, using the Vivint Doorbell Camera. The doorbell camera’s live video feed and two-way talk feature make it easy for hosts to personally welcome guests upon arrival without having to be there in person. Guests can also contact their host at any time by pressing the doorbell.

“We are delighted to partner with Airbnb to offer our comprehensive smart home services to all hosts in North America,”said Alex Dunn, president of Vivint Smart Home. “Giving Airbnb hosts the convenience and security of a smart home helps them provide the best guest experience possible.”

“The Airbnb platform makes sharing your home simple and convenient,”said Lex Bayer, head of business development at Airbnb. “The Vivint smart home technology makes checking in guests hassle free, while at the same time providing hosts with more tools to save energy and provide peace of mind while hosting.”

Single app view of production and consumptionThe other partnership announced at CES was with Vivint Solar. The strategic partnership will provide a single, unified experience that will allow customers to intelligently manage both the generation and consumption of energy in the home.

“Before long, every home will be intelligent, and we believe solar energy is a key component of the smart home experience,” said Dunn. “When Vivint entered the solar business in 2011, our ultimate goal was to bring together the benefits of smart home technology and solar power. We’re excited to begin making this vision a reality.”

According to a study from Research Now, there is a strong consumer preference for bundling a residential solar energy system with smart home technology. The study found approximately half of consumers interested in installing a rooftop solar energy system were also interested in buying a smart home system and associated products.

Later this year, new Vivint Solar customers will be able to receive an integrated energy management system from Vivint Smart Home, including aVivint SkyControl panel, Vivint Element thermostat and home sensors, at no additional cost.

The combination of solar energy generation and energy conservation from a smart home allows customers to build the foundation for a net zero home that can produce as much energy as it consumes.

“This strategic partnership makes Vivint Solar the first and only residential solar company to actually deliver on the full smart home equation,”said David Bywater, CEO of Vivint Solar. “Combining rooftop solar power with smart learning capabilities puts the ambitious goal of a net zero energy home within striking distance for the masses. It enhances a homeowner’s ability to manage energy and save money, which is exactly what they want in their smart home experience.”

Vivint Smart Home and Vivint Solar customers will be able to see both their solar production and home energy usage in a single view from their Vivint Smart Home app. They can get insights into current and historical energy usage, visibility of near real-time power generation and intelligent management capabilities to automatically conserve energy. Customers with this combined solution can also upgrade to a full smart home system, including smart locks, lights, cameras and more.

Intelligent energy management from Vivint Solar and Vivint Smart Home will be available later this year.