ViaWest Selects Impartner Solution to Bolster its Partner Portal

Silicon Slopes—With the explosion of big data and the need for secure solutions, leading Hybrid IT solutions provider ViaWest has turned to global SaaS Partner Relationship Management (PRM) leader Impartner to support and scale its fast-growing partner community.

“We’ve had incredible growth with our channel program over the past 18 months and we’ve almost doubled the size of our partner base,” said Isaiah Hogberg, director of national channel sales for ViaWest.  “To accommodate that growth, we needed a tool to do three things: streamline the registration and onboarding process; make sure we have the most current marketing and training materials available to our partners; and deliver metrics around usage so we can continue to improve incrementally. Those needs led us to Impartner’s PRM solution, which frees up our time so we can focus on our core business and help our partners in more productive ways.”

Hogberg added that ensuring a positive first impression for partners was also key to the decision to work with Impartner. “The ViaWest Partner Portal is the first impression for much of our partner community, and being able to have that impression be positive and controlled is incredibly important.”

“ViaWest epitomizes why PRM is the new CRM,” said Dave R Taylor, chief marketing officer of Impartner. “They know and embrace that the Partner Portal is the front door of their partner relationships and the face they present to the market, and that it automates processes such as onboarding so they can focus on their core business.  They also know that solutions like Impartner Marketing make it easy for them to amplify their marketing through their partners and protect their brand by ensuring its consistent and proper use. ViaWest is truly harnessing the power of PRM to optimize their partner programs and drive better collective business results.”