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Vernon Yamashiro: Healthcare Heroes

Congratulations to Vernon Yamashiro, MD, Obstetrician Hospitalist at St. Mark’s Hospital. He has been awarded the “Humanitarian Care” award in the 2017 Healthcare Heroes awards.

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Doctor Vernon Yamashiro was exposed to medicine young. His father was an OB/GYN while his mother was a nurse. This experience coupled with a christian upbringing instilled in him a deep and abiding desire to serve others has guided Yamashiro through his career. About ten years ago his wife, an ER doctor, was contacted by an old classmate to see if she and Yamashiro would be interested in doing some humanitarian work in Africa. The pair had done humanitarian work in a remote part of India in medical school and fallen in love with the service and jumped at the chance. The couple is currently planning their ninth trip to Tanzania. Yamashiro says, “This work is important to me because we must give back to the world. It doesn’t have to be Africa, it could be here in Utah. Africa is so rewarding because a little money and effort goes so far. The work is also important because it changes lives. It has changed my life and I believe many of the people we contact.”