Utah Office of Tourism Unveils Newest Campaign: the Road to Mighty Utah Office of Tourism Unveils Newest Campaign: the Road to Mighty
Utah Office of Tourism Unveils Newest Campaign: the Road to Mighty

Salt Lake City—With the incredible success of the Mighty 5 campaign, now three years old, the Utah Office of Tourism isn’t resting on its laurels. On the contrary, today, with the help of Governor Gary Herbert, the department unveiled its latest campaign: the Road to Mighty.

“Our tourism and travel is growing very rapidly. It has significant impacts on us as a state. Most of us who have lived here for any length of time appreciate the beauty of Utah,” said Gov. Herbert. “So many of our 43 state parks are just gorgeous and wonderful venues to go and visit and participate in. Our Mighty 5 [prove] the ability we have to attract the world to our parks… It’s great to be able to showcase our state. We host the world in so many different ways.”

Working off of the increased exposure the Mighty 5 campaign afforded Utah’s national parks, the new advertisements exhibit the beauty of rural Utah between the five parks, fulfilling many people’s dream of experiencing the quintessential American road trip. Utah has 43 state parks, and the Road to Mighty campaign encourages seeing the sights ‘off the beaten path,’ luring tourists with the promise of personal, unique experiences.

“This is an exciting day for us. We’re sharing a big secret—a secret that Utahns already know,” said Vicki Varela, director of the Utah Office of Tourism. “That great American road trip, the dreams you’ve always had [of] the adventures with family and friends, taking in the spectacular scenery—that’s in Utah. We all have this birthright to this amazing American road trip. We’re sharing that with tourists now. It’s the Road to Mighty—the Road to our Mighty 5.”

Varela calls Utah’s five national parks the ‘capitals’ of the region, but says that the adventure around the region will beckon Millennials, group travelers, and multi-generational travelers to the state.

The new ads, designed by the same company that worked on Mighty 5, Struck, are a three-season marketing campaign, with 30 second commercials being showing in key Western markets: Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Denver. Digital ads are currently running and will run through late April, with social advertising continuing through the end of June. The total campaign budget was $4.6 million—a small sum considering that as of last year, the state saw $7.98 billion in tourism spending, which makes for $1.09 billion in state and local tax revenues.

On the website (www.visitutah.com/road-to-mighty), interested tourists can find 25 itineraries for road trips into rural Utah, with some incorporating Northern Utah and Salt Lake City. Utah’s state parks are ready for the increased visitation, says Fred Hayes, director of Utah Department of Parks and Recreation.

“We’ve asked our park managers to redouble their efforts. Our folks are spending every day, from the time their boots hit the ground in the morning to the time they collapse into their beds at night, finding what we call, simply, more. We define more as more people having more fun in more parks more often,” said Hayes. “That’s their sole goal in life, is to make sure that when the next generation of visitors comes to Utah, they are met with amazing family and friend activities that will cement those relationships for the eternities. Folks, as you travel the Road to Mighty, we encourage you to find a state park and come visit us. You’ll enjoy it, we promise.”