Utah Food Truck Brings Waffles with Love

Provo—Eating a great waffle is a comforting experience—the satisfying crunch as you bite in, the warm, sweet, fluffy dough inside. Adam Terry, proprietor at Waffle Love, needed that comfort three years ago, when he first decided to create the food truck. At that time, Terry lost his banking job, and after ceaseless searching and getting interviews anywhere he could, he decided to “go for broke” and go for his dream.

“I had nothing else to lose! My back was pretty much up against the wall,” said Terry. “I had no way of providing for my family. I was doing odd jobs; we were burning through our savings. It was just a perfect opportunity to jump.”

Terry came upon the idea to do a crisp Belgian Liege waffle—a waffle based on a brioche dough and pearl sugar—after trying one in the U.S. and deciding they needed to be more widely available in Utah Valley. He tinkered with a recipe that he now considers close to perfect: “The caramelization is off the charts,” Terry said of his waffles. “It’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s made out of dough rather than a batter. We mix an imported sugar into the dough for the final rise.”

Even after he decided to “bring it, waffle-style,” debuting his recipe and decorating his brightly-colored truck, Waffle Love was not an instant success. With his banking background, Terry knew that he would have to sell at least 100 waffles a day in order to make money on his venture. On his big opening day, Waffle Love sold…13.

“Obviously, I was well short of that goal,” laughed Terry. “But if you want to be great, you’ve got to have consistent effort. I knew if I just kept at that, things would just come together. People would taste how great our stuff was and identify with our branding. We could make a good go of it.”

About five months later, Waffle Love started consistently hitting the 100 waffles mark. Through social media and consistent hard work, Waffle Love developed a following—and the opportunity to be a part of Food Network’s popular show, The Great Food Truck Race, season 6. After the whirlwind competition, Terry and his brother, Jared, came in second on the program, just missing on the show’s grand prize of $50,000. Still, Terry saw the benefits of the truck’s participation.

“The Great Food Truck Race was a very memorable experience,” said Terry. “It’s like instant national brand recognition. People from around the country know our brand.”

With that brand recognition, Terry is dedicated to keeping Waffle Love as good as can be. Terry is currently attending culinary school (he was self-taught to this point), and isn’t too interested in diversifying his waffle menu. Waffle Love offers a savory grilled-cheese waffle and a chicken & waffles at one of their stores—but other than that, Waffle Love is about Belgian Liege waffles, all the time.

“We try to focus on one thing and do it really, really, really well. We do waffles really, really, really well,” said Terry. “They have different toppings that you can choose. We have a couple other options that we’re kind of sticking in there to give it some variety, but for now that’s what we got.”

Waffle Love can be found at their brick-and-mortar location at 1796 N 950 West in Provo, and their five trucks (two in Salt Lake, one in Weber/Davis, one in St. George and one in Arizona) can be tracked down by looking at the schedule on