Tony Christensen: 20 in Their 20s

To say Tony Christensen knows his stuff is an understatement. After graduating from Dixie State University and joining the financial industry in early 2009, he was awarded New Associate of the Year, 1-4 Year Associate and eventually hit Blue Chip Circle at MassMutual Intermountain West in 2014.

These milestones and five years of experience led Christensen to form his own company, Statera, with business partner David Harris. They currently manage over $20 million in assets and regularly manage multi-million dollar accounts.

Christensen credits many things to his ambition to succeed. “My ambition stems from the way I was raised, the friends I had as a young adult, and the people I associated with as I got older,” he says.

Brady Murray, Christensen’s nominator and president of MassMutual Intermountain West, adds that Christensen is successful because he works continually to think outside the status quo to develop more efficient systems. “One system that stands out in his current efforts is a marketing system that allows him to not only reach out to the elusive millennial generation, but to generate meaningful communication to allow them to face the unseen future and feel empowered instead of overwhelmed with planning for the unknown,” he says.

Favorite activity to unwind: Golf, or sports of any kind.

Social platform of choice: Instagram. In its purest form, I think Instagram is the best way for people to know who I am when I’m not at work.

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