Tech Roundup: Best Buy, ClearOne, iFROGZ, InvisibleShield, Skullcandy Tech Roundup: Best Buy, ClearOne, iFROGZ, InvisibleShield, Skullcandy
       Tech Roundup: Best Buy, ClearOne, iFROGZ, InvisibleShield, Skullcandy

Best Buy

Our lives are increasingly driven by technology, and today we expect our devices to work together to enable a smart home and a happy life. The average person has 10 connected devices at home, and in the next five years, we’ll have up to 50.

Truth is, the more tech we get, the more complicated life can get. It’s no surprise that people want help. In fact, in a recent national survey, 57 percent of adult (age 18-55+) Americans said they lacked confidence in their ability to install or set up their connected devices. Best Buy and Geek Squad have a solution with Best Buy Total Tech Support. This comprehensive new membership program helps you with all your tech and appliance needs, no matter where or when you bought your gear. Total Tech Support covers your current purchases (if any), plus all your existing devices and appliances, and any new devices you purchase in the future. You benefit from unlimited Geek Squad support in-store, in-home, by phone or 24/7 online for nearly all your technology needs. Internet security software is included at no additional cost. Members also receive special discounts on installation and setup, select hardware repairs and future purchases of most Geek Squad Protection and AppleCare service plans (does not include Loss & Theft, monthly paid plans and renewals).

Since April 30, Best Buy stores in four Florida and Ohio markets have been offering customers Best Buy Total Tech Support. Now it’s available at 212 Best Buy stores and 10 major metros, including Utah. Geek Squad is the nation’s largest consumer tech support team, helping people with all their technology, no matter where they bought it or who made it. More than 20,000 Agents serve clients in-home, online and by phone; staff “precincts” in every Best Buy “big box” store; and make repairs at our service centers. Last year Agents provided in-home, in-store and online services nearly 16 million times, rescuing clients and their computers from ransomware; ensuring that home wi-fi network signals are working and secure; installing/mounting Smart TVs and complex audio systems; repairing broken refrigerators and ranges; and making life easier in many other ways.


Salt Lake City—It makes sense that only a brand like ClearOne, the commercial audio/video market’s most innovative company, could engineer a line of digital video processing and management products that achieves the trifecta of low bandwidth, low latency and unsurpassed image quality using existing IP networks. According to Lewis Eig, ClearOne Sales Director, Network Video & Audio Distribution, the company’s recently expanded VIEW Pro line of media encoders and decoders, along with the powerful new PANORAMA™ videowall software license, gives integrators and end users today’s simplest, most install-ready system that delivers top-quality video to any number of displays at any resolution, including uniquely sized LED screens.

“The VIEW Pro line of multimedia streaming hardware offers any business of any size the opportunity to add HD video and multimedia distribution to their existing data infrastructure,” Eig said. “Our advanced decoding and encoding algorithms and hardware eliminate the need for additional data lines and expensive construction, lowering the cost and install time for organizations looking to upgrade the digital media capabilities and quality of their office, retail location or public space.”

With various rack-mount components, as well as the industry’s most compact decoding options, offering H.264 compression, 24-bit color, up-to 1080p resolution at 60 FPS, ultra-low latency, video windowing and advanced content control, the VIEW Pro line is unmatched in scalability and maximizes the potential of any digital display network, whether in a new construction or renovation environment. The mass proliferation of H.264 endpoints (IP cameras, mobile devices, PC streaming, digital signage players, video recorders) means that many businesses and organizations already have compatible components, and by sending the video signal over IP, the VIEW Pro system eliminates the need for additional encoders, decoders and other hardware.

“VIEW Pro is simply the most adaptable, capable video processing and management solution for needs ranging from a single videowall to a large video distribution network,” Eig added. “Our node-based approach means that any display or source can be mapped down to the pixel, allowing users to achieve the full potential of their displays and offer full controls such as cropping, scaling and overlaying in real time, windowing, and even window rotating to display landscape or portrait images and videos. Additionally, our ultra-low latency allows us to work in the most critical environments, including live streaming and keyboard transport for KVM extension applications.”

The VIEW Pro line’s vast usability is thanks in part to its powerful PANORAMA™ and CONSOLE® software that allow operators to manage any display of any shape, size or resolution, which is becoming more important as companies opt for LED displays with dimensions and pixel counts outside the 1080p or 4K standards. These easy-to-use software controls allow companies to easily manage multi-panel videowalls, multi-display distributed video networks, and even turn a single display into a videowall by displaying multiple sources in windows. The power of VIEW Pro in these situations lives in the nodes or endpoints, so as the system grows, its windowing and video wall processing power grows too, making for an extremely cost-effective and scalable system for large and small videowall projects alike.


Salt Lake City—IFROGZ, a ZAGG Inc brand and a leading company in audio, expanded its wireless audio lineup by debuting five new products to round out its already all-star collection. Audio offerings that are as impressive as they are affordable are elusive in the mobile sound space. The latest from IFROGZ, however, meets all the requirements of a demanding, yet value-conscious consumer, including affordability, comfort, style, and sound. All five new IFROGZ models are available now at and select retailers nationwide.

“IFROGZ refines today’s hottest technology to deliver the features listeners want most, without the unnecessary frills that drive up costs for consumers,” said Charlie Quong, vice president, product development for ZAGG. “Our new wireless earbuds and over-the-ear headphones offer killer sound in a variety of stylish colors and wearing styles. Whether you’re looking for in-ear, over-the-ear, or around-the-neck wireless audio, IFROGZ has something for every type of listener.”

In-Ear Wireless Earbuds

All new carefully designed wireless earbud models offer wireless Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, robust sound, IPX2 sweat resistance, a built-in microphone with background noise reduction technology, and volume and track controls.

  • Resound Wireless ($29.99 SRP) – Designed for those who prefer reliable, quality sound in a discreet package, the low profile Resound Wireless earbuds offer a slim, subtle style and sit comfortably in the ear. Constructed from lightweight aluminum for a premium look and feel, the Resound Wireless earbuds feature 5.5mm drivers, an impressive 10-hour battery life, and are available in rose or charcoal.
  • Flex Force Wireless ($29.99 SRP) – For those who prefer a wireless around-the-neck solution, the Flex Force earbuds are a low profile, lightweight option that feature 8mm drivers and 8 hours of battery life. The Flex Force around-the-neck earbuds include magnetic earbud tips that stay in place when they’re not in use, and are available in black or white.
  • Free Rein Wireless ($19.99 SRP) – These convenient earbuds have comfortable wing tips that ensure a secure fit, 10mm drivers and 5 hours of battery life. The Free Rein Wireless earbuds are available in black or white.

Over-The-Ear Wireless Headphones

Two new easy-to-use headphone models offer an ergonomic over-the-ear fit, adjustable headband, an IPX2 sweat resistance rating, Bluetooth 4.1 and foam-layered earcups for a comfortable fit.

  • Resound Wireless Headphones ($34.99 SRP) – For music aficionados who want to hear highs, lows, and mid-tones, these premium wireless headphones feature powerful 40mm drivers, soft touch texture, a built-in microphone, and 20 hours of battery life. The Resound Wireless Headphones can be used wireless or wired, feature on-ear controls, and are available in black or red.
  • Toxix Wireless Headphones ($24.99 SRP) – For the everyday listener, these classic wireless headphones feature a built-in microphone, 30mm drivers and 10 hours of battery life. The Toxix Wireless Headphones can be used wireless or wired, have on-ear controls, and are available in black or blue.

All new IFROGZ audio products are available now at and select retailers. For more information, visit


Salt Lake City—InvisibleShield, a ZAGG Inc brand and the leading global innovator in screen protection, today introduced Glass+ and HD screen protection for the Google Pixel 2, and Glass Curve and HD screen protection for Google Pixel 2 XL. These solutions from InvisibleShield have been certified to meet Google’s compatibility standards and feature Google’s “made for” badge indicating they have been designed for use with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

InvisibleShield Glass Curve ($49.99 SRP) is meticulously tested to deliver outstanding scratch and impact protection, remarkable touch sensitivity, and high-definition image clarity in a case-friendly fit ideal for curved screens. Smooth tempered glass with precisely curved edges preserves the sleek design of your phone so you won’t know it’s there, although your phone will when it needs it most.

InvisibleShield Glass+ ($39.99 SRP) with Ion Matrix™ technology delivers maximum impact and scratch protection that is proven to be 3X stronger1 than traditional soda lime glass screen protectors, and 2X stronger than aluminosilicate glass, most commonly used for mobile device screens and screen protectors. Its long-lasting, oil-resistant technology prevents fingerprint smudges to help keep your screen pristine, and the Smart EZ Apply® tabs make application easy and bubble free.

InvisibleShield HD ($19.99 SRP) features military-grade protection and Nano-Memory Technology that allows the screen protector to self-heal from minor scratches and abrasions. HD offers advanced clarity and a smooth surface that accentuates the sharp images and vibrant colors in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones by Google.

“We are thrilled to offer InvisibleShield solutions for the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL,” said Charlie Quong, vice president, product development for ZAGG. “Our latest screen protectors provide reinforced case-friendly protection for consumers with Google devices and further demonstrate our commitment to provide premium screen protection for the most advanced smartphones on the market.”


InvisibleShield Glass Curve, Glass+, and HD will be available on October 19th at most major retailers, including Verizon, Best Buy,, and As always, InvisibleShield backs its screen protectors with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty and will replace them if they ever get worn or damaged for the life of the device. For more information, visit


Park City—Skullcandy, Inc., the original lifestyle audio brand founded at the intersection of innovation and creative culture announced today the launch of their new Hesh 3 Wireless headphone. Hesh 3 represents a total redesign of their #1 bestselling Bluetooth® headphone—offering an impressive mix of technology, comfort, build quality and design, it gives consumers the superior listening experience they’ve been looking for.

Hesh 3 is built for all-day functionality and total portability. It offers 22 hours of battery life with Rapid Charge technology, which delivers 4 hours of additional listening after just 10 minutes of charging. Its low-profile, multi-foldable design houses 40mm drivers, an integrated digital amplifier, and noise-isolating memory foam ear cushions for a highly refined acoustic experience. Complementing the integrated microphone and call, track, and volume control buttons, audible voice prompts for low battery and pairing assistance create a user-friendly experience.

“We want to provide consumers with a more refined and updated wireless headphone that looks great and can be used on-the-go without compromising comfort, convenience, or most importantly, sound quality,” says Skullcandy Chief Executive Officer, Jason Hodell. “Thanks to the incredible research and development efforts of our internal product team, we were able to produce a top-of-line addition to the Skullcandy lineup.”

With its host of premium features and a ground-up redesign over its bestselling predecessor, the new Hesh 3 truly represents wireless perfection.

Hesh 3 Wireless is available now in a variety of on-trend colors for $129.99 online and at select retailers globally.