Steve Daly: CEO of the Year

Congratulations to Steve Daly, president and chief executive officer at Ivanti. He was named one of the 2018 CEO of the Year honorees.

Steve Daly, President & CEO at Ivanti - 2018 CEO of the Year

For Steve Daly and the company he leads, 2017 was a big year—and it was a year that topped off a half-decade of growth through strategic acquisition and new technology development. From 2012 through 2016, the company acquired six different tech companies. Then, in early 2017, Daly oversaw the formation of Ivanti through the merger of Landesk and HEAT Software in a deal backed by Clearlake Capital.

“This last year, we sold the company to new investors and they merged us with another company,” explains Daly. “That was a huge accomplishment for a lot of different people that had spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears building the company. And we had a lot of our own employees who had put their own money into it, so for me the greatest payoff was to see the trust that they had put into us, the work that they had put in, finally pay off for a lot of people.”

The acquisitions were part of Daly’s strategic vision to unify IT and security operations to better manage and secure the digital workplace. That vision is paying off, with the company doubling in size by all measures: Ivanti now has more than 2,000 employees in 23 countries and serves over 22,000 customers in all industries. It has reached nearly $500 million in revenue, with a goal to hit $1 billion in revenue.

“This past year we’ve grown the business almost two times its traditional size,” says Steve Morton, CMO of Ivanti. “We’ve really stretched the limit of our people and our processes. And Steve has been a very good steady hand through that process. … He gets the fact that he has to rally a team—he has to bring people together from multiple acquisitions and multiple companies.”

Part of the secret to Daly’s success, says Morton, is that he’s a well-rounded leader who approaches his role “from multiple dimensions, not just the traditional business-only approach, which is one of the reasons people love working with him.”

Indeed, Daly embraces curiosity and intellectual exploration. He says he changed his major five times while he was in college, and during his career he has worked in roles ranging from mechanical engineering to marketing, sales and strategic planning.

“Be curious. Try new things,” is his advice to those just starting their careers. “I’ve tried a lot of different things and I think it’s prepared me really well for the job I’m in today. I would say don’t get so worried about this roadmap for your career. Try new things and be very curious about what you can do, and it will all work to bring together a well-rounded person.”