SLC International Airport Opens 12 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Salt Lake City– Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) is doing its part to clear the air and has installed 24 electric vehicle (EV) charging ports for public and employee use.

The 12 EV charging stations are dual port, Level 2 with standard connectors to accommodate all models of electric vehicles. Each port supplies up to 7.2 kilowatts of power. The charging stations include an instruction video that shows users how to operate the station—including phone support available 24 hours, 7 days a week. A mobile application is also available for EV owners to download in order to locate an available Airport charging station.

“The Airport is implementing programs to help improve Utah’s air quality,” said Bill Wyatt, Salt Lake City Dept. of Airports executive director. “Come 2020, The New SLC Redevelopment Program will incorporate 50 EV charging stations in the new parking structure as we strive for LEED Gold Certification for the program.” Wyatt also thanked Rocky Mountain Power for covering 50 percent of current project costs, which totaled $306,000.

The Airport stations are located in four locations: employee parking lot (4 dual ports), economy parking lot (4 dual ports) parking garage level P1 (1 dual port) and parking garage level P2 (3 dual ports). In addition, the Touch n’ Go Convenience Store that opened in December 2017 has one EV charging station. Access to all EV charging stations is on a first come basis and cannot be reserved in advance. There is currently no charge to use the stations. The Airport encourages drivers to follow EV etiquette and safety practices when using the charging stations.

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