Sidharth Oberoi: 20 in Their 20s

When Sidharth Oberoi began attending the University of Utah in 2010, he received the opportunity to run the Utah chapter of a Stanford-based math tutoring company. There, he tutored the children of economist and New York Times bestselling author Paul Zane Pilzer, who was impressed with how quickly his children improved and surpassed the other students in class.

Pilzer approached Oberoi about creating a peer-based learning after-school program. That’s when Zaniac was born. The company began with a focus on math alone, but Oberoi quickly realized it needed to branch out to science, technology and engineering as well—or STEM education.

“Starting Zaniac is the thing I am most proud of to date,” Oberoi says. “Creating a company that serves a crucial component that is missing from education today was absolutely necessary and I am proud to have provided thousands of students across the country with opportunity to learn science, technology, engineering and math concepts.”

Oberoi is involved in all facets of Zaniac, including playing a major role in its advancement in innovative curriculum and business development. Zaniac currently has six locations nationwide, including in Utah, Connecticut, Florida and New York, with 10 locations expected to open by the end of 2015.

Favorite activity to unwind: Most recently, running while listening to podcasts. It’s a great way to de-stress after a long day of work. It helps clear the mind and listening to others speak is soothing.

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