Shan Shan Li: 20 in Their 20s

By the time Shan Shan Li was 25, she had worked on over a dozen national and global B2B accounts including Verizon Wireless, Microsoft and Mastercard while working for MRM//McCann.

During this time, she also completed her MBA at the University of Utah, where she was the youngest professional as well as one of the few minority females out of a class of less than 5 percent women.

Today, she oversees all digital investment strategies on behalf of digital display and acquisition media advertising solutions within both client services and media engagement disciplines at Alliance Health. In her first six months at Alliance alone, she was able to increase display revenue by 125 percent by refining the operational process for display while building upon both new incremental and existing client relationships.

“I have a strong desire to excel and achieve in everything that I do in life,” Li says. “Life is very short. … There are on average only 4,160 weeks in our lifetime. I’ve personally lived 1,352—33 percent of mine. … This [is] major motivation to literally make every day count.”

Favorite activity to unwind: Painting, lifting weights and playing Nintendo with some Haagen-Dazs green tea and coffee ice cream in a waffle bowl. The rest of my time is devoted to the spoiling of my two kittens, Apti and Grey Fluff (still to be named).

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