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Sean Esplin: Healthcare Heroes

Congratulations to Sean Esplin, MD, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physician at Intermountain Healthcare. He has been awarded the “Physician” award in the 2017 Healthcare Heroes awards.

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Sean Esplin hoped to find a career that would be intellectually stimulating while allowing him to help others. He found his calling as a maternal-fetal medicine physician specializing in high risk pregnancies. He is also currently the director of the women and newborn research work group at Intermountain Healthcare. Research is something that provides a creative outlet for Esplin and his research focuses on understanding causes and potential prevention of preterm birth as well as an interest in fetal heart rate interpretation. He has received over a half a million dollars in grant money to support his research. He has also authored 78 peer reviewed articles. Esplin says, “I will always love the awesome feeling that comes at the birth of a beautiful new baby, but the best time to provide comfort, support and relief from suffering is often when things are not going well. There will always be challenges and rough days and it always makes it easier to get through if you love what you do.”