Utah Business' Green Business Awards

Salt Lake Brewing Company: Green Business Awards

Congratulations to Salt Lake Brewing Company. The company has been honored for “Corporate Excellence” in the 2017 Green Business Awards.

From its founding, environmental sustainability has been a core philosophy of the Salt Lake Brewing Company. Director of operations James Soares says turning the founders’ philosophy of “closing the loop” into a reality has become a driving force in the company.

Consequently, Salt Lake Brewing Company was one of the first companies to sign up for Momentum Recycling’s glass recycling program. The company also installed motion-activated lights in its restrooms, as well as efficient LED lighting, waterless urinals and water-wise toilets. The company is part of Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program, and its Salt Lake City locations are members of the Green E2 Business Program. The company recycles, turns its frying oil into bio-diesel and, most importantly, says Soares, it acts as an ambassador to the business community as a whole.

“The important thing is that we don’t just implement our programs, we then go out into the business community and become ambassadors and educate others,” says Soares. “We do this because it’s not just financially important for the business community, but it’s responsible toward the planet that we live on.”

That education, he continues, is just as important as implementing sustainability initiatives within. “As our company grows, so does our responsibility to the community.”

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