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Rudy Larsen: 20 in Their 20s

Rudy Larsen graduated high school in 2006 with a huge passion for business. With no further education he began Lawn Butler in 2007.

One man and a mower producing $30,000 a year became a corporation of 160 full-time employees, seven companies and $8 million annually in just seven years. Larsen has grown his companies organically without any outside investment and, with the exception of one, he owns 100 percent of all of his companies and acts as CEO for them all.

Because of his age, getting the capital to grow his businesses was tough. “Loaning a 19-year-old boy nearly a quarter million dollars was a tough sell for bankers to bite.  Eventually, I found someone who believed in me and my dream, and that was a turning point in my business,” he says.

Scott Poelman, co-founder of Olympus Wealth Management and Larsen’s nominator, says, “He started out as a teenager who had a dream of being a businessman. He set seemingly insurmountable goals for himself and was determined to achieve them,” he says. “He learned to be strong and demand results but still be compassionate and understanding of others. He learned to be slow to react and think about all sides of a situation. He learned to take advice from others to better himself and the company.”

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