Avenue Bakery, American Fork Utah

Readers’ Choice: Avenue Bakery

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American Fork – It’s 3:30 in the morning and while most of us are just dreaming of decadent pies and pastries, Bryan Peterson is making them from scratch. Peterson is the owner of Avenue Bakery and a steward of the old ways of baking.

“We make everything from scratch,” said Peterson. “A lot of people, nowadays, are using shelf-stable stuff; we don’t. Everything is real. We do it the old way, like most grandparents and parents used to do back in the day. We’re old school.”

The holidays are especially demanding for Avenue Bakery, where on top of their usual workload they are busy fulfilling those special orders of holiday favorites we’ve all come to know, like pumpkin pie. While most of their pies are special order, Avenue Bakery will happily fulfill your pie needs with high-quality ingredients, perfect flaky crusts and made-from-scratch fillings.

“I was a pastry chef for Little America and then for Sundance. I was going to college and working as a pastry chef, and I ended up working for a chef from Switzerland who was just phenomenal. He taught me,” said Peterson. “I’ve been baking for 30 years, so I’m just trying to keep those methods intact. While everyone else is trying to use conditioners and all this stuff to speed their doughs up, we’re just keeping our own way. It complicates things a bit, but we think you can definitely taste the difference.”

Customers can certify that the years of experience and old-fashioned methods translate to exceptional pastries. Avenue Bakery is well known for their donuts, old fashioned Belgian waffles, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes and artisan breads. Some of their offerings make for good holiday presents too. “The quick breads are probably our bestsellers during the holidays,” said Peterson. “They’re good neighbor gifts. We do blueberry, poppy and pumpkin.”

Avenue Bakery puts the integrity and quality of their products above all else—their methods are a holdover from a different time. “I just loved bakeries when I was a little kid. I know going to my grandma’s and being surrounded by all that fresh baked stuff was just so amazing when I was younger,” said Peterson. “We’re trying to keep that [feeling] intact. It’s a little longer process, more labor intensive, but it’s definitely well worth it.”

For more about Avenue Bakery, visit them on Facebook—or just go have your own taste-test at 35 Barratt Ave. in American Fork.