Provo-based Daplie Announces Second Phase of Fundraising Provo-based Daplie Announces Second Phase of Fundraising
184     Provo-based Daplie Announces Second Phase of Fundraising

Provo—Daplie, the leader in securely connecting people to their homes and data has initiated a second funding campaign via Wefunder. The funding is a continuation of the Company’s seed round, which was oversubscribed having to turn away over 300 investors. Both accredited and non-accredited investors may participate in the new Wefunder campaign through January 19, 2018. For more information on how to invest, visit

Daplie’s mission is to empower every person, every home, and every small business to take back control and ownership of their digital lives from centralized cloud storage providers and keep it secure and private in servers and networks that bypass traditional high-risk pathways and honey pots. To accomplish this mission, Daplie has developed a highly secure, plug-and-play server system—Daplie Connect.

Connect is an easy-to-use home system for everyone to connect without ‘the cloud’ to their data, to the people they care about, and to their devices, including smart home devices, without relinquishing ownership, control, or privacy. Now in the final stages of development and testing, the flagship product Connect is affordable, simpler to use than Dropbox, and fully automated, with expected global availability in Q3 2018.

Daplie became the first company in history to successfully fundraise using an equity crowdfunding campaign under Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) and a rewards-based crowdfund simultaneously on December 1, 2016. The campaigns ran in parallel on Wefunder and Indiegogo, raising $749,000 and $681,000 respectively. The Wefunder seed round was oversubscribed by more than $240,000. These campaigns made Daplie the first Utah-based company to use the Reg CF exemption to raise seed capital and crowdfund product orders simultaneously.

“After huge data breaches, like the Equifax debacle that compromised 145 million Americans, consumers are becoming ever aware and concerned where sensitive data is stored and how that data is secured,” said Cory Torgesen, Chief Growth Officer at Daplie. “The cloud is just someone else’s computer. When you use centralized cloud services like iCloud, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox,, Facebook, or a hundred others, you gain the convenience of storing your data on someone else’s computer, but you make some huge tradeoffs in return.”

Torgesen continued, “You lose ownership, security, privacy, and control of your digital assets and you may even grant advertisers access to your personal information. At Daplie, we believe the Internet was made for people, not people for the Internet. Our initial funding campaigns were incredibly successful in a very short amount of time. From those campaigns, we know that we are not alone in our desire to provide a platform for people to have the convenience of the cloud without giving up privacy and ownership of their data. We are ultimately giving our customers the freedom to connect without ‘the cloud’ to their data, to the people they care about, and to their devices-and that includes their smart home devices. That’s what we mean when we say decentralized services. We mean living a life that isn’t hosted on someone else’s computer and in which you are in control.”

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