One Refugee and Upwardly Global Partner to Help Refugee Students Launch Professional Careers

Salt Lake City—One Refugee, a non-profit organization that helps Utahns with a refugee background to thrive in the community, and Upwardly Global (UpGlo), an award-winning national nonprofit that helps immigrants and refugees find their place in the professional U.S. workforce, are partnering to equip refugee students with the tools to succeed in the professional job market.

The partnership was announced at One Refugee’s Annual Celebration, where they honored the hard work of their graduating students during a commencement ceremony on Monday, May 7.

Utah is home to approximately 60,000 refugees. One Refugee serves young adults with a refugee background, helping these students to obtain higher education and connect to meaningful careers. The collaboration between One Refugee and Upwardly Global will provide students with access to UpGlo’s internationally-recognized online curriculum, providing essential cultural education on navigating a U.S. job search.

“This partnership will be critical in preparing our students to bridge the gap between higher education and full-time employment,” said Steve Ostler, CEO of One Refugee. “Upwardly Global’s programs have successfully prepared thousands of skilled immigrants and refugees to translate their education and skills into the U.S. workforce. Incorporating their comprehensive training will benefit our students as they prepare to graduate and launch their professional careers in the U.S.”

Students and recent post-graduates will have access to courses and training on:

  • Interviewing with confidence
  • Marketing yourself to employers
  • Using LinkedIn to gain employer visibility and connections
  • Access to a resume template builder and industry-specific guides

Upwardly Global will also provide One Refugee staff with training to address the specific challenges refugee job seekers face in acclimating to a U.S. job search.

“This innovative partnership enables both organizations to grow our impact and better help refugee students prepare for a competitive job market,” said Allie Levinsky, Vice President of Products and Partnership for Upwardly Global. “One Refugee provides outstanding services in the region, and we are proud to work with an organization committed to giving newcomers the tools to build lasting careers here in the U.S.”