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Nick Greenwood: Healthcare Heroes

Congratulations to Nick Greenwood, MD, Medical Director at Greenwood Physicians – Addiction Specialists. He has been awarded the “Physician” award in the 2017 Healthcare Heroes awards.

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Doctor Nick Greenwood has spent a decade working exclusively in the field of addiction medicine and is certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He founded Greenwood Physicians to provide care and support to patients battling addiction in a private, judgment free environment. Says Greenwood, “Addiction treatment may not be the most popular practice of medicine, oftentimes because it comes with a lot of heartache, shame, disappointment, misunderstanding and sometimes even death. However, it has been very rewarding for me and my staff to help our patients make a positive change and overcome many obstacles.” Prior to founding Greenwood Physicians, Greenwood served as a medical director for the Department of Chemical Dependency at Salt Lake Behavioral Health Hospital. Matt Anderson, a physician with Greenwood Physicians says, “Nick was the first of our partners to concentrate exclusively on the difficult and rewarding task of helping individuals overcome addiction. Nick led the way, partnering with a group of similarly envisioned physicians, nurses, technologists and administrators to create one of the finest addiction recovery centers in the state of Utah.”