Nelson Mills: 20 in Their 20s

At the age of 20, Nelson Mills had already graduated from college at Columbia University and was the co-founder of an art consulting firm called Fairweather & Mills, LLC, where he negotiated a contract for a $3.5 million sculpture.

He pursued an academic career at Tel Aviv University and then transferred to the Ph.D. in political science program at Trinity College Dublin. He later withdrew, decided to move West, and found a position at SmartMouth Communications, where he was promoted to director in just eight months. He now runs and manages a variety of in-person training programs as well as the development of new products.

“I am most proud of my role in the development of our eLearning platform and course, SmartMouth OnDemand,” he says. “It is an amazing experience to watch a project go from a couple [of] thoughts on a whiteboard to a finished product. I take great pride in helping make this project a reality and I am very proud of the quality of the product.”

In addition to his career, Mills is the head coach of local rowing team, Utah Crew. Last spring, Utah Crew fielded some of the most successful boats in the club’s history, and Mills says he looks forward to leading them to more success this next year.

Favorite activity to unwind: I love to read or hike. Nothing is more relaxing than a good book or walking through the great outdoors.

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