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When potential tourists go online to hunt for a travel destination, they search for the activity first and the location second, a fact presented by Roger Brooks of Destination Development International at a session on “How to Market a Community.” For example, most people would search for “birdwatching” then... Read more

Michael M. Parker: A Public Policy Maker For the Future

Hilary Ingoldsby Whitesides Jan 27, 2016

With the perfect mix of a love for the state of Utah and, as he puts it, “a healthy disregard for the impossible,” Michael Parker seems to be exactly what you’d want from a policy maker. As public policy area director for the Salt Lake Chamber, and in an... Read more

Sarah Burroughs: Making Bags and Creating Purpose

Hilary Ingoldsby Whitesides Jan 27, 2016

Sarah Burroughs might not have ever envisioned herself as the founder of a company, but it doesn’t take long to see just how well the title suits her. She’s as committed as she is creative and as busy as she is passionate. As the founder of anne b designs,... Read more
There’s a 2,547-acre patch of dirt near Green River that’s begging for businesses to be built on it. The site is actually an industrial park, but you wouldn’t know it since it’s barren dirt with no roads, utilities or rail spurs leading into it—the essential amenities that make industrial... Read more

Utah Business SAMY Awards

Utah Business Jan 25, 2016

Joel Shine spent years commuting from his Santa Monica, California, home to Park City before deciding to move his family to the Beehive State. “As much as I loved where we lived, I would land in L.A., battle through traffic and smog and congestion just to get home. When... Read more
Dell Loy Hansen is quick. When he comes into a room, he knows exactly with whom he wants to talk, where he wants to go, whose hand he wants to shake. He’s quick to laugh, quick to say what he wants to say. Asides, jokes, witticisms—those come quickly to... Read more