Michael Ramon Aguilar: 20 in Their 20s

A summer of making churros at Lagoon at age 14 was the turning point for Michael Aguilar, who learned then that he had an insatiable ambition and a passion for work. These are the values that have allowed him to excel to executive-level positions in his professional career, including director of operations for The Leonardo Museum at age 24 and program director for Ronald McDonald House Charities at age 26.

Aguilar credits his success to living his life by those values. “My ambition has allowed me to reach a certain level of success that I’m incredibly proud of,” he says. “What makes me more proud, however, is that I haven’t climbed the professional, educational or social ladders by stepping on anyone else. I’m here because I’m a man of integrity, respect, commitment, curiosity and passion.”

In addition to his professional career, Aguilar serves on two boards, The Utah Pride Center and The Utah Somos Foundation, and he provides coaching and assistance to a handful of other nonprofit organizations.

Last book read: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

What do you watch on Netflix? I am horribly guilty of binge-watching Netflix shows. My favorite “guilty pleasure” of late, however, is House of Cards.

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