Matthew C. Martinez: 20 in Their 20s

In just three short years, Matthew Martinez has managed to take the business world by storm. He set extreme sales records as sales executive at ADP, which included achieving back-to-back President’s Club in his first year and second year, a feat that’s virtually unheard of. He has also been promoted to manage a team of seven in less than two years.

A college athletic career playing football with the Utah Utes followed by a transition into the world of business wasn’t a simple thing for Martinez, he says, but he’s grateful he made that transition. “The experiences and insights gained in that short three years have been absolutely huge,” he says. “I have grown so much personally, as well as professionally.

I have learned to not fear failure.”

Outside of his career, Martinez founded a nonprofit organization called Ute Athlete Connect, which helps aid college athletes in their transition from sports to the professional world by introducing them to internships and mentoring. Abigail Burns, a clinical specialist at Boston Scientific and Martinez’s nominator, says Martinez has helped place many University of Utah football players in roles that give them an insight into a desired career path when the NFL doesn’t work out.

Social platform of choice: I like to use Facebook to network and build a brand for Athlete Connect. I’ve had great success connecting with alumni and potential employers that are more than willing to help.

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