Kickstarter Launched For New Device That Allows TV Viewers To Set Limits On Their Commercials

Salt Lake City–Television ad time will soon be your time. Introducing Filtrie, a device that empowers TV viewers to set limits on television ads for the first time. Recently launched on Kickstarter, Filtrie is gearing up to hit the market in early 2019.

Filtrie, a startup software company, has designed a way to provide users with the ability to filter out unwanted, offensive or irrelevant television ads so they conform to their interests or lifestyle better.

“Filtrie is a new and patented technology that gives viewers unprecedented control over advertising content in protecting their values and families,” said Jim Birch, founder and CEO of Filtrie

Filtrie’s innovative solution is relevant for several different target audiences.

  • For parents, Filtrie means being able to filter out certain ads that might be offensive to children, such as beer, condom, Rated-R movie trailers or lingerie ads.
  • For vegans, Filtrie can replace steakhouse, burger joint, pork or seafood ads, replacing them instead with advertisements for their favorite meat-free restaurants. Or during fasting holidays like Ramadan, eliminating food-related ads during the daytime.
  • For the LGBTQ community, ads can have more same-sex characters or ones that reflect their lifestyle.
  • For diabetics, no more ads for sugary foods.

“Most people record content so they can skip the ads, myself included. By putting the viewer first, we can make ads more relevant, interesting and useful … and more likely to be watched,” Birch said.  “Filtrie is not a censor. We protect your values by enforcing your rules.”

Filtrie is simple to install. The device works between your TV and content source (i.e., cable box). Just connect it to the Wi-Fi, download the app to your smartphone, select your preferences and let Filtrie do the rest. Advertisements you’ve selected to avoid are then replaced by positive messages, ads and news updates that align more directly with your interests, lifestyle and family needs. Update your profile and interests at any time so your content and ads are relevant and useful.

The Filtrie Kickstarter is now live. For more information, visit the Kickstarter page at or