Kevin W. Phelps: 20 in Their 20s

To say Kevin Phelps knows a lot about the digital marketing space would be an understatement.

The 25-year-old started a career at OrangeSoda as an analyst at 18 with no experience, went on to as the youngest senior manager at 21, and founded GuestBlogPoster at 22 with no investment and grew it to 30 full-time employees and $1.7 million in annual revenue. And his success doesn’t stop there.

He merged GuestBlogPoster with Big Leap at 23, sold GuestBlogPoster to Boostability at 24, and still owns half of Big Leap at 25, along with his brother, Bryan. He also plans to launch Multifuse, what he calls “a totally new style of marketing company,” on Nov. 10.

“I have always been impressed with Kevin’s ability to act on his instincts,” says Boostability CEO Travis Thorpe, Phelps’ nominator. “When Kevin noticed the digital marketing industry changing, he didn’t just sit back to watch what would happen next. He went out and created a company to sell his own unique solution. It’s been a pleasure watching Kevin grow from a typical 18-year-old to a serial entrepreneur in seven short years and I’m excited to see what his talents bring us in the future.”

What do you watch on Netflix? Friends, Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Arrested Development, in that order.

Social platform of choice: Google+ because I like my alone time. Just kidding. Facebook because it is where everyone is, and Reddit because of the specific communities.

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