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Kent Jones: Healthcare Heroes

Congratulations to Kent Jones, MD, Cardiovascular Surgeon at Intermountain Medical Center. He has been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement” award in the 2017 Healthcare Heroes awards.

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It took trying on two other careers before Kent Jones found his calling as a cardiovascular surgeon. Plan A was to be a professional baseball player, but when Plan A fell through, Plan B was to be a dentist. Plan B only lasted about ten days before Jones realized he’d made a mistake, left dental school and started medical school instead. In his first semester he already knew he wanted to be a heart surgeon. Says Jones, “The rewarding experience was knowing very shortly after starting medical school that this is where I belonged.” Since then Jones has placed more than 1,700 mechanical valves and 1,000 bio-prosthetic valves, been the principle investigator or sub-investigator in fifteen grant funded research studies and an author in fifty other studies. In 1985 he performed the first heart transplant procedure at LDS Hospital and the second ever in the intermountain states. He says, “Given the many challenges that we now face in the medical profession, never forget or lose sight of the main reason we chose this profession, to administer the best possible healthcare to our patients.”