Katie Cockrell: 20 in Their 20s

A passion for the arts has inspired Katie Cockrell to succeed throughout her life.

Together with her twin sister, she created a dance and active wear line, katieandkellie, that can be seen on several local dance teams, including at Utah Valley University and Corner Canyon High School in Draper, but Cockrell’s passion doesn’t stop at design.

Cockrell has also acted in more than 30 commercials, including national brands such as Sara Lee Bread and Marriott, and produces and co-hosts a monthly segment on Park City TV’s Mountain Morning Show. She also currently works with local branding agency Brand+Aid.

Cockrell says it’s extremely flattering to hear her accomplishments called successes, because she feels like she’s still in the process stage of achieving everything she wants to do in life.

“I’m most proud of my pursuit of my goals and having the courage to go after my dreams,” she says. “It’s hard to put yourself out there and try, and it never gets easier, but the risk is worth it.”

What do you watch on Netflix? I just finished watching the entire series of Friends. I had never watched Friends before that.

Social platform of choice: I love Instagram. It’s a great way to get quick snapshots into people’s daily lives. Follow me @katiecockrell.

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