Kathy Brown: HR Achievement Awards

Congratulations to Kathy Brown, PHR, SHRM-CP, HR manager at Simplus. She was honored as “Emerging HR Professional” at the 2018 HR Achievement Awards.

Kathy Brown, PHR, SHRM-CP
HR Manager, Simplus

What is a unique HR challenge you’ve face in your company?

Just last month, we just finished a 40-employee acquisition. When you only had 160 employees to begin with, that’s a pretty big undertaking. … We did a lot of project planning; we did a lot of things preemptively to try and help respond to a lot of the questions that you get when you’re doing an acquisition transition. … HR is a pretty integral part of an acquisition in that you’re affecting peoples’ lives. So when you’re changing up a lot of the terms of their employment, it’s something that needs to be handled with care.

What qualities are important for a successful HR professional?

You need to have the ability to connect with a lot of different kind of people and be personable, but also be able to retain back some of your emotion. You deal with a lot of hard things—you’re ending people’s employment, you’re giving them bad news. You also get to give them good news! So having that emotional maturity there in that role is a very key factor. Another one would be maintaining a professionalism, in that you’re privy to almost every aspect of someone’s confidential life.