Kainoa Clark: 20 in Their 20s

By the age of 16, Kainoa Clark had already founded an animal adoption and rescue agency out of Utah County, which grew to become one of the largest and most successful animal nonprofits in the Intermountain West.

Since then, Clark has taught training classes and seminars for the Petsmart corporation as one of their youngest corporate hires to date. He developed curriculum and training modules, which are still in use today.

He also co-founded and was the managing partner for Peaks Dental Assisting School, leaving for the opportunity to head client relations at a software company called Wendia North America. He then spent time working for Orabrush, where he was recruited as an advisory board member and helped to develop the marketing, branding and positioning of a new product which would be named by the Utah Marketing Association as the “Best Digital Campaign of 2013.”

Clark became the marketing director there before taking the role of vice president of global marketing for Switzerland-based Wendia International in Orem.

Outside of his work, Clark also does freelance consulting work for both Utah-based and national companies in the areas of branding, positioning, media relations, partnerships and marketing.

Favorite activity to unwind: Traveling with my best friends is the best way to unwind. Horseback riding. It is a hobby I picked up to manage my stress and I love it!

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