Juel V. Iverson: 20 in Their 20s

Juel Iverson has an inability to be satisfied with “good enough.” Not only did she graduate with her bachelor’s degree in English in only three years, she did it while working three jobs. While working toward her MBA, she landed a job at Allen Communication, where she works with numerous Fortune 500 clients consulting on enterprise-wide learning solutions.

Nate Chai, vice president of product operations, says he’s worked with many learning and performance professionals over the years, but Iverson stands out. “She’s easily one of the smartest and most creative people I know,” he says. “She pairs those abilities with a strong work ethic and great people skills—in fact, I suspect there’s very little she can’t do once she puts her mind to it.”

Iverson welcomes challenges in life and work. “I’m looking forward to the challenge of constantly pushing myself, obtaining new knowledge, meeting new people, and archiving a lifetime of adventures and career success,” she says.

Iverson also volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters and is an avid cyclist who has earned eight individual state championships and was ranked 6th nationally for two consecutive years.

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