Jody Bailey CXO

Jody Bailey: CXO of the Year

Congratulations to Jody Bailey, Chief Technology Officer at Pluralsight on being named one of Utah Business’ 2016 CXO of the Year honorees.

Jody Bailey: “At Pluralsight, you know, we have the opportunity to provide technology training to professionals which is really important to me. You know, learning and the culture of learning is a really high priority for us and me personally. And then building and developing teams.”

“Since I’ve been at Pluralsight we’ve grown enormously. We’ve had to continue to evolve a great culture while growing really quickly. And the opportunity to grow the team, to coach and mentor and develop people while delivering an amazing product has been really rewarding.”

“Over time, the biggest thing that I’ve learned is really to empower the people that work for me more, trust their judgment and allow them to make more decisions. I think when you first start out, you start out, originally, especially in software as a doer and then you work your way into management. And the natural tendency is to try to do things yourself or to tell people how to do things. I think over time you learn that you’re much better off by empowering the people that work for you and collaborating and coming up with better ideas together.