Jared Olsen: HR Achievement Awards

Congratulations to Jared Olsen, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, co-founder & president at REYFYA. He was honored as “Disrupter of the Year” at the 2018 HR Achievement Awards.

Jared Olsen, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Co-Founder & President , REYFYA

What are some unique HR challenges you face in your industry?

Complacency and fear are the biggest challenges I see in the HR industry. HR has historically been the department who has created red tape, smothered innovation, and taken the safe path.  The HR industry is in need of some serious disruption.

What aspects of human resources do you believe are ripe for disruption?

Results only work environments (ROWE) are such a simple illustration of where HR is ripe for disruption. Why do people drive over an hour each way to the office to do virtual work? Why do companies pay millions of dollars to build office space that houses people doing virtual work? Why does HR care so much about attendance, when all that matters is that the job gets done?  ROWE challenges the way work has historically been done.

… At REYFYA you can show up whenever you want and work as long as you want, as long as the job gets done. You can go grocery shopping in the middle of the day, go see a movie when the theater is empty, and we treat everyone like adults. … When you are treated with respect, your work ends up better.