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Hess Corporate Travel and Conferma form Strategic Partnership

Bountiful—Hess Corporate Travel and Conferma, the leader in Virtual Card authorizations have announced a strategic partnership to help companies work more effectively, efficiently and cut costs on corporate travel, which is a major area of budgeting for companies of all sizes. The two industry-leading companies are teaming up to integrate their services for collaboration in the corporate travel industry.

PayItSafe, a Hess Corporate Travel technology powered by Conferma has truly solved the difficult problem of securely pre-authorizing payment for hotel rooms and other payment needs globally.

Single-generated transaction numbers eliminate concerns for misuse of credit cards, greatly reducing fraud concerns. The perfect payment solution for infrequent travelers and travelers who do not have a credit card. Travelers have electronic proof of reservation and payment, directly addressing the long-standing problem of the desk clerk claiming that “no fax was received and no payment was made.”

“We are delighted to have partnered with Hess Corporate Travel and their PayItSafe technology. As one of the largest business travel agencies in America, they know what it takes to be leaders in their field and how to support their clients.

Their passion for introducing cutting-edge technology to continually improve client services led to the start of our relationship and one that will continue to grow. Our ultimate goal for them was to solve their problem of securely pre-authorizing payment for hotel rooms and other payment needs globally. It’s been a pleasure working with Hess Corporate Travel and to follow their achievements. We are looking forward to growing the partnership and reporting on more success in the future. ” Lucy Koleva, Marketing Manager, Conferma.

With over 500 virtual cards issued per month, this has dramatically changed the way Hess Corporate Travel works, enabling them to streamline processes and make room for continued growth.

Conferma is one of the world’s foremost providers of virtual payment technology, offering a complete program of solutions and complementary products in one single platform. They are the only virtual cards technology partner that is truly bank agnostic. This gives Hess Corporate Travel the flexibility to deliver a virtual payment solution that works for their clients. Save yourself time with our automated service without the necessity of pre-paid accounts or changes to your current booking workflow.

Hess Corporate Travel Agency in Utah provides business travel consulting and business travel management throughout Utah and across the nation. Their corporate travel services leverage best of class technology with personalized service, providing their clients with the security of a global network and the luxury of familiar, friendly travel consultants.