Utah Business' Green Business Awards

The Gateway: Green Business Awards

Congratulations to The Gateway. The company has been honored for “Corporate Initiative” in the 2017 Green Business Awards.

When Vestar bought The Gateway and set aside $100 million to revitalize the shopping center, part of its plan was always to make the 15-year-old outdoor mall a little more green. In the year or so since, The Gateway’s carbon footprint has shrunk dramatically, and it is on track to reduce more emissions in the future.

“It’s part of our corporate culture, because we’re part of the community and we believe that improving the community is part of that [responsibility],” says Edie Trott, marketing director for The Gateway.

These changes include replacing the light bulbs on The Gateway’s bulb-lit signs and in its parking garages with LEDs, which has drastically reduced not only energy costs but the frequency with which the bulbs need to be replaced; installing electric vehicle charging stations; and new, more efficient hot and cold water loops. The changes have reduced the center’s overall kilowatt hour usage by more than 20 percent and will eliminate more than 900 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The attitude behind implementing the changes is one shared among all of Vestar’s properties, Trott says, and it’s long since proven to be economically sage as well as ecologically friendly. “I think whenever you can combine something that’s good for the environment, visually pleasing and cost-saving, you should do it,” she says.

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