Fraser Bullock: Outstanding Directors

Congratulations to Fraser Bullock, one of Utah Business’ 2016 Outstanding Directors honorees. Fraser serves as Co-Founder and Senior Advisor at Sorenson Capital, as well as Chair of the HealthCatalyst Board of Directors.

Fraser Bullock: The most important thing I’ve learned as a board member is the board is not just this institution that applies governance. It is a human relationship. Particularly with board members, but especially the chairman and the CEO, that developing that relationship that mentoring and sometimes it’s bilateral mentoring, but being able to have that mentoring and that connection and relationship with the CEO is fundamental to success. Human relationships are the fabric of life and so being able to enjoy that with an individual who is the CEO of a company struggling through issues and being able to work with them. Help solve the issues but also develop a relationship and understand their vision, helping them to accomplish that vision, it’s priceless.

Dan Burton: I had an interesting experience with our board. So Fraser was not on the board. He was one of a number of board observers, but our board, they encouraged me to think about, if I could choose anyone in the world as the Chair to help me and mentor me and to help our company, think about who it would be and don’t cross anyone off. And after a few hours really contemplating, first the attributes and then thinking about individuals, I circled one name and it was Fraser’s name. And I went back to the board and I said I know that I should have three or four names, I only have one. If I could have anyone in the world, I would want Fraser. One of the most significant elements that Fraser brings is that while he is of an investor mindset, he also brings an operator’s experience base so he has filled C-level roles and he understands the challenges of an operator in addition to understanding the perspective of an investor. That’s quite unique. The second piece that I would say is even more unique is his mission orientation and his understanding of the value of culture and mission and values and that deep passion and commitment to culture and mission and values is not something that you readily find.

Fraser Bullock: I love to see the development of a company where it grows and prospers. And yes there are challenges. Every company has them and how do we surmount that? What do we do? And being able to grow past those and then see a company grow from nothing to $400 million in revenue is pretty spectacular. And being part of that is fun.