Utah Business' Green Business Awards

Forrest McNabb: Green Business Awards

Congratulations to Forrest McNabb, President of Big-D Construction. He has been honored for “Green Leadership” in the 2017 Green Business Awards.

“Growing up in the construction industry, I know how much steel and wood and recyclables have been generated for decades and have ended up in landfills,” says Forrest McNabb, president of the Mountain West Region for Big-D Construction. That’s why it now fills him with pride to visit Big-D worksites and see dumpsters filled and labeled for recycling—and to see how buildings the firm has constructed, like the Salt Lake City Library, the Matheson Courthouse and the Natural History Museum of Utah, have become instant icons of sustainability.

Through McNabb’s leadership, Big-D Construction has become a top player in the industry’s sustainability movement. The firm’s corporate office, completed in 2004, was the first LEED Gold Historic Renovation in Utah. Now, Big-D boasts a portfolio of more than 70 LEED projects and its staff includes 65 LEED accredited professionals.

The firm is committed to learning, practicing and teaching sustainability, says McNabb. And that commitment starts with Big-D’s executive team. “If leadership doesn’t support it, it won’t happen,” he says. Big-D has adopted a goal to incorporate best sustainable building practices into all of its projects, whether the project is seeking LEED certification or not. A lasting legacy of McNabb’s efforts is the culture of sustainability that has permeated the organization. “When our people embrace that, and you see it every day, it’s a powerful thing,” he says. “They’ve got it now. They own it.”

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