Elli Bishop: 20 in Their 20s

Elli Bishop considers herself equal parts curious and competitive—the perfect combination to fuel her ambition. And ambitious she is. After originally pursuing a career in the legal field, Bishop realized her true calling was elsewhere. That’s when CLEARLINK came knocking. She began her career there in 2010 and has since become an expert in search engine optimization, outreach and content creation.

Today, Bishop manages CLEARLINK’s outreach team, and recently she was given ownership of the entire outreach channel within the marketing department. “That’s a huge accomplishment that I’ve been working toward for years,” she says.

Bishop says she learned very quickly that she couldn’t wait for someone to tell her what she should do to be successful. “If I had waited for someone to swoop me up and show me how to be successful, I’d still be sitting where I was years ago,” she says. “I decided to find a gap in our marketing processes that I wanted to fill. I became the best at filling it, proved the value of hiring more people to do the same, and then built a team to completely close the gap. I got to a point where my managers and peers couldn’t deny that I not only had the ability and drive to lead the team, but that I was already doing it.”

Social platform of choice: Facebook. I have to keep in touch with old friends from college, high school and even elementary school.

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