Edge | The Service Company, Utah Business' 2018 SAMY Awards

Edge Marketing Team: Sales & Marketer of the Year

Congratulations to the marketing team at Edge | The Service Company. They are one of Utah Business’ 2018 Sales & Marketer of the Year (SAMY) honorees.

Last year, the marketing team at Edge | The Service Company shifted their efforts to a wholesale digital campaign in order to effectively target potential customers. On top of that, the team assumed control of their pay per click efforts and have been able to generate more leads at a lower cost. In 2016, Edge saw 21,020 leads for the entire year. The marketing team was trending well above that for 2017 and projected they’d hit over 31,000 leads for the year.

Additionally, the marketing team created an online campaign, “The Best Services For Your World,” to bolster customer engagement. With the use of email, social media and video, the campaign promoted Edge’s services as a necessity in making their customers’ world a better and a more beautiful place to be.

“There are so many pest control companies out there and the industry has been doing things the same way for so long, and at times that can make it difficult to break that mold,” says Tyler Murdock, marketing manager for Edge | The Service Company. “In the service industry, most of the time, in order to get a quote you have to actually talk to somebody. The challenge is that you can’t just buy online, but we have found innovative ways to change this and are currently developing and implementing even more.”

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