Dale O. Gunther: Outstanding Directors

Congratulations to Dale O. Gunther, one of Utah Business’ 2016 Outstanding Directors honorees. Dale is the former President and CEO of People’s Utah Bancorp, and serves as Vice Chair of People’s Utah Bancorp.

Richard Beard: What I admire most about Dale is he has an internal value system that’s constant, and because of that it drives all of what he does and I’ve never seen him vary from that even when in the short term it might be to the disadvantage of the corporation he’ll stay true to those internal values that he has.

Dale O. Gunther: I enjoy the opportunity to debate issues and come up with good solutions. I don’t always get my way. Someone said that a great board has the ability to have differences of opinion and come up, finally, with the best solution.

Richard Beard: You know, Dale is sort of the ultimate in looking long term. So he sees very little in terms of short term, trying to, you know, get a quick advantage. He’s a long term thinker. Certainly profit is part of any corporate organization. It’s sort of the air you breathe. You have to be profitable. But I think more importantly, looking at the values of what are we trying to accomplish and where are we going, are really where Dale excels, where he’s able to keep that long term sort of view in mind and try to drive the organization there over time. He’s been a person that has built the bank. When he was in my position, he was there for about 17 years. So he spent a lot of time taking the bank really from one branch to the branches that we now have, most of them. Dale also has been somebody that is passionate about community banking.

Dale O. Gunther: Community banks are close to their customers because generally the employees or associates live in the communities where the bank is located. They know the people personally. One thing I love about banking is I think bankers are dream makers. They take the financial resources of the community. They are a trusted with them by people who make deposits in the bank and then bankers have the opportunity to help people realize their dreams whether their dream is to build a home or own a home or buy a car or start a business or expand a business. Those are things that are exciting to me and why I use the term dream maker.