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Craig Selzman: Healthcare Heroes

Congratulations to Craig Selzman, MD, Professor of Surgery and Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at University of Utah Health. He has been awarded the “Physician” award in the 2017 Healthcare Heroes awards.

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There’s dedication and then there’s Doctor Craig Selzman whose only limitation, it seems, is that there are only so many hours in the day. Selzman is well known for his late nights and early mornings and his tireless work in between. Selzman has published more than 100 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals and authored chapters in several textbooks. He also holds positions on several national and international committees and organizations. Along with treating patients and performing heart transplants, Selzman leads teams of researchers to figure out how to heal the biological basis of heart disease and find ways to help the heart heal itself. In other words, Selzman is trying to make himself obsolete. Selzman says, “It’s going to take a collaborative research approach to realize the promise of recovery therapies. I took a commitment to take care of human beings and the way I do that is to fix their heart so they won’t die. But what I’ve learned is you get a group of people with a disease-specific approach you can do great things.”