Utah Business' Green Business Awards

CBRE: Green Business Awards

Congratulations to CBRE. The company has been honored for “Corporate Initiative” in the 2017 Green Business Awards.

Starting an in-office recycling program or switching out light bulbs for LED lighting is all well and good, but for CBRE, conservation and ecological responsibility are attitudes to foster as a corporation.

“As an organization that has offices around the world, there’s a great sense of community we have and responsibility that we carry as an industry leader for the places in which we work and live,” says Mark Bouchard, senior managing director and co-head of the Southwest Market area for CBRE.

That culture gets down to the individual employee during CBRE’s Green Week, which started a decade ago as a single day of ecologically minded activities but has expanded to fill a solid week and has been adopted by the office globally. For Green Week in Salt Lake, CBRE employees have done activities like taking a Green Bike tour downtown with someone from the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency and touring a local landfill to learn what can be done to reduce waste.

While it may have started as a one-off activity, Green Week—and the spirit and practices the event supports throughout the year—has become part of CBRE’s DNA. “It’s very much a culture at the office as a whole and it’s very much engrained in the employees,” says Kathleen McMillan, marketing manager for CBRE in Salt Lake. “I think a lot of the employees are drawn to CBRE because this culture exists. It’s not like we have to brainwash or indoctrinate our employees—they’re already on board.”

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