Cathy Donahoe: HR Achievement Awards

Congratulations to Cathy Donahoe, VP, human resources at Domo. She was honored as a part of the 2018 HR Achievement Awards.

Cathy Donahoe
VP, Human Resources, Domo

What are the processes or programs you’ve helped implement regarding talent development?

One program that I’m particularly proud that we’ve had since day one is a high-performance culture (HPC) program, something a lot of technology companies are implementing today. HPC is a modern way to view performance management, by focusing on 3–4 key questions about performance so that it’s actionable. This approach is grounded in driving communications between managers and their employees, and in technology, the need for an immediate feedback loop is critical to encourage open dialogue. We’ve also implemented a survey to ensure that there has been progress with the HPC program, asking employees … if they have regular check-ins with their managers or if they’re getting feedback in real-time.

How have you worked to ensure greater diversity/inclusion at your company?

Being mindful of diversity means not just hiring people you know—by expanding your searches to broader networks, you create greater diversity in your workforce, and in turn, you build company cultures that encourage inclusion and awareness.

We also have an Everyone@Domo council, which is committed to building an inclusive workforce through recruiting, community outreach and partnering, and workforce training.