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It’s a good time for business in Utah. The population is growing. Employment is on the rise. Consumer confidence is high. Across multiple studies, Utah consistently ranks as home to one of the strongest economies in the country. But no state is an island. As economists and business leaders... Read more
You can say the entrepreneurial gene has always been in Ryan Ashton’s DNA. Ashton’s résumé focuses on advanced-technology companies, and his experience includes key leadership roles at Megahertz and Inari, as CEO of Printelligent Corporation, and now as CEO of Great Basin Scientific, a molecular diagnostics company. Ashton has... Read more

Liz Findlay: Getting Albion Fit

Heidi Kulicke Dec 23, 2015

Like every mother, Kurt Workman’s aunt fretted over her children, in this case premature, newborn twins, especially at night when they were out of sight. “I saw her worry and stress over them and their care and I thought, ‘Why isn’t there anything better? How is there not anything... Read more
Not all investment money is created equal. There are investors—and then there are strategic investors. When you want a strategic investor to help grow your business, you’d best be strategic in your search. Know how much involvement you want. Most angel investors are not strategic, says Robb Kunz, an... Read more