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It’s a good sign that companies are training employees how to keep abuse and harassment out of the workplace. It’s also a good sign that more people are coming forward to report unlawful and offensive conduct. What’s not a good sign is that in 2014, 62 percent of all... Read more
Not all investment money is created equal. There are investors—and then there are strategic investors. When you want a strategic investor to help grow your business, you’d best be strategic in your search. Know how much involvement you want. Most angel investors are not strategic, says Robb Kunz, an... Read more
A new restaurant runs a promotion whereby the ten thousandth customer wins a year’s supply of meals. A tech company collects market data by getting internet patrons to fill out lengthy surveys for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii. An online sports gear company provides with every... Read more

Fast 50 Honorees

Utah Business Sep 10, 2015

“Technology is a constant challenge. We need to stay innovative if we want to compete in the healthcare space. That means always pushing the limits to build platforms that... Read more