Bob Sant: HR Achievement Awards

Congratulations to Bob Sant, corporate HR director at Kenworth Sales Company. He was honored as a part of the 2018 HR Achievement Awards.

Bob Sant
Corporate HR Director, Kenworth Sales Company

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy being involved in all aspects of the company, from day-to-day interactions with employees to serving on the executive management team and assisting in the company’s overall direction.  I especially enjoy helping employees succeed, which in turn, helps the company succeed.

What are some unique HR challenges you face in your company, and how have you helped your company address those challenges?

The biggest challenge we see today in our company is finding talented people who want to make a career in our industry. Many young people today don’t seem to want to be diesel mechanics, salespeople, truck drivers, etc. Therefore, we have initiated a program that introduces young students (age 13-18) to our industry; we offer dealership tours, apprentice programs, support scholarships and partnerships with local schools such as SLCC and many other industry trade schools.

Another challenge is benefits. Trying to stay ahead of the curve. Coming up with ways to offset and try to control the high costs of medical insurance. We want to offer a rich, affordable plan to our employees. We are concentrating on the things we can control. … We are part of a new and growing heath captive plan.  We are looking at leveraging our size to come up with other solutions to help control the rising costs healthcare.