Blair Elizabeth Spence: 20 in Their 20s

In 2011, Blair Spence immigrated to Utah from Glasgow, Scotland, with just three suitcases and a desire to work. She started out doing part-time copy editing work, which led her to begin a career in marketing at Avant8. She quickly worked her way up in the company, doing almost every job along the way, and now works as vice president of operations.

With her help, Avant8 has grown from two employees to 12 in the last four years, and is now considered one of the most progressive and reputable marketing, web, design, SEO and social media firms in the state.

“We worked on a bootstrap budget for a long time. This really teaches you how to prioritize and work efficiently, since you literally can’t afford to waste resources. We didn’t have many additional staff for the first couple of years, so a lot of tasks fell to me because there was no one else. It meant that I learned a lot different skills, things I wouldn’t have had the chance to touch if I worked at a bigger organization,” say Spence.

Spence is also committed to supporting the entrepreneurial community and devotes a significant amount of her time to pro-bono work to support and help startups and other small businesses succeed.

What do you watch on Netflix? My preference is a good BBC drama or comedy. Being Scottish, I was raised on them and miss them much! My current favourite is Luther and I also love The IT Crowd.

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