Ben Dilts CXO

Ben Dilts: CXO of the Year

Congratulations to Ben Dilts, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Lucid Software on being named one of Utah Business’ 2016 CXO of the Year honorees.

Ben Dilts: “If you’d have asked me when I first started working on what became Lucid Software, what were my plans, what were my ambitions, they would have been far too small. I might have told you that I hoped to round up a couple of like minded college students and build this up into a business that would sustain a handful of us. What I should have told you is that I saw an opportunity to build one of the best software companies in the world and I wish I could have had that kind of vision earlier in my career. I also wish that I had realized how difficult it is to build a business.”

“Building a product is something that with a sufficiently talented group of people and with great difficulty, you can build. Marketing and selling that product is also incredibly difficult. I have developed a tremendous respect for the professionals who day in and day out are working incredibly hard at Lucid Software and elsewhere to make sure that we pull through and win on those fronts as well.”