From its beginning, mankind has looked up to the stars and wondered what secrets the vast expanse held. Despite the best efforts of scientists through the ages and the advancing leaps and bounds of technology over the last several decades, space holds her cards close to her chest. But... Read more
Hiring an independent contractor or freelancer can be an attractive option for getting business done. This is especially true for a startup or a small business in the early stages of growth. Freelancing comes with fewer strings attached, and it can be a helpful tool for saving money while... Read more
When potential tourists go online to hunt for a travel destination, they search for the activity first and the location second, a fact presented by Roger Brooks of Destination Development International at a session on “How to Market a Community.” For example, most people would search for “birdwatching” then... Read more
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Three Pines Coffee Sets up Shop at Gallivan

Lisa Christensen Jan 29, 2016

Michael M. Parker: A Public Policy Maker For the Future

Hilary Ingoldsby Whitesides Jan 27, 2016

With the perfect mix of a love for the state of Utah and, as he puts it, “a healthy disregard for the impossible,” Michael Parker seems to be exactly what you’d want from a policy maker. As public policy area director for the Salt Lake Chamber, and in an... Read more