Ardusat Rebrands as Because Learning, Expands Curriculum and Subscription Model Ardusat Rebrands as Because Learning, Expands Curriculum and Subscription Model
Ardusat Rebrands as Because Learning, Expands Curriculum and Subscription Model

Salt Lake City—Ardusat, an education technology company enhancing STEM learning through online lessons and hands-on experiments, has rebranded under the name Because Learning. The change reflects the company’s expansion into new STEM programs and the addition of a subscription model to lower the price point for teachers and bring its education technology to general consumers.

Because Learning will act as the parent company encompassing the Ardusat Space Program, its original program for K–12 students to run experiments in space using small satellites called “cubesats,” along with its newly added STEM Program.

The new STEM Program will use Because Learning’s Arduino sensor kit and coordinating curriculum in the form of online experiments. These experiments are designed specifically for the classroom setting across science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines, and they teach critical twenty-first century skills. Students will run their own hands-on experiments, learn programming languages and analyze real-time data. Every experiment is designed according to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and other educational standards. Each experiment can be completed in an hour or two.

“Since launching our Space Program in 2014, we have been amazed by the enthusiasm and diversity of experiments conducted with our sensor kits,” said Sunny Washington, CEO and co-founder of Because Learning. “Although it’s exciting and necessary for kids to be learning about space, the root of our STEM knowledge begins here on Earth. Adding experiments and lessons that are catered specifically for the classroom and cover all STEM subjects will allow even more opportunities for students to build, code and analyze their work with the same tools technologists use today.”

As part of Because Learning’s new subscription model, buyers will now receive a free Arduino kit with a robust sensor board when they subscribe to Because Learning’s online lessons and labs starting at $18 per month. The new model allows Because Learning to break into the consumer market for the first time. Parents, children and anyone looking to advance their STEM understanding can conduct experiments using sensors in their own home. The subscription model is also designed to bring Because Learning to more schools at a lower price. School districts that purchase 15 kits or more will qualify for additional classroom management tools, such as personalizing lesson plans and creating unique URLs for homework assignments.

“All of us have an innate curiosity, and our mission is to give teachers, parents and ultimately students the tools to learn and understand how things work,” said Washington. “Switching to a subscription model is one way we are fulfilling that mission – making our tools accessible to anyone at any level of STEM understanding, at home or at school.”

As part of the rebrand, the company’s online portal for its learning experiences, called eHub, will now be known as the Because Learning Platform . The site will be revamped with added lessons and labs each categorized according to grade, subject and specific units within that criteria. This format will improve the user experience and remove any guesswork for teachers and parents when choosing appropriate lessons for their student or child.

“Our students across 30 schools are using Because Learning to solve real world problems every day,” said Jeff Baugus, science and math coordinator at Santa Rosa County Public School District. “We’ve put our sensor kits to work on test crashes, high altitude balloons and even in handmade tiny house models to test energy efficiency. There really is no limit to what this sensor kit can do when students and teachers unlock their creativity. Such scientific freedom is what we appreciate most about what Because Learning is doing for STEM education.”